COVID – Update

As of 24th December 2021

Some Covid restrictions have been


Please check guidelines below:

  1. You are STILL required to QR Code on entry!  (Due to it being a high-risk setting)
  2. Facemasks are NOW required again when inside
  3. Proof of vaccination is NOT required
  4. Capacity Limits are NO longer in place

This said,

  • The Stadium would hope all attendees still use common sense and social distance when able
  • Sanitise hands on entry and exit of the facilities and exercise good hygiene

Please remember - we still need to keep safe,

  • Those in the community who couldn’t be vaccinated due to illness and ongoing health issues
  • And children under 12 who haven’t yet been able to be vaccinated



Merry Christmas to all the Stadium users – Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Futsal, Performing Arts, Sprockets, Multisport, Badminton, School Holiday Program Family, all our schools AND the hard-working volunteers for each Club and Association that has kept it going over the last 19 months