Port Macquarie Gymnastics Club is a well established incorporated non-profit organisation.  The club had its beginning in 1983 and operated out of various halls and warehouses in the industrial area.  In November 1996 the club moved into its present home.  The building is the result of joint funding by the club, PMHC and NSW State Sport & Recreation.  The result of all the hard work is one of the best equipped gyms in NSW, offering services to many areas of the community.

KindygymThe management committee who are made up of interested parents of registered gymnasts is annually elected to ensure the smooth running of the club, organise fundraising events, and help run competitions and clinics.

Executive Committee: as per March 2021

President/Treasurer - Sharon Ekendahl
Vice President - Meghan Urquhart
Secretary - Kym Barry

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CONTACT: 6584 3373

Should you want to speak to the committee or have any problems you wish to raise, please address your concerns in writing to:

'The Secretary'


Post: PO Box 1412, Port Macquarie 2444.

The club employs an administrator who is responsible for the day to day running of the club and liaises with the committee at regular meetings.  In a club such as this the support of the community is essential for its survival.  The club is self supporting and relies on the fees for its operating costs, and its fund raising to upgrade and maintain its equipment.

The club is a fulltime operation offering classes in: Kindy Gym, Recreation, Competitive Women's Program and Non Comp MG Program.


It is the objective of the Port Macquarie Gymnastics Club Inc to provide the environment and the coaching personnel that will allow all members of the Hastings, an opportunity to develop physically and in character with the sport of gymnastics and to reach the highest level of achievement of which they are each capable. 


All coaches are qualifies and registered with the 'Australian Gymnastics Federation' (AGF).  To keep accreditation with AGF a set number of hours of courses must be completed each year.  There are 5 levels of coaching, the level of the coach and past experience will determine the classes they are permitted to work with.
Coaching assistants are usually experienced gymnasts who coach the less experienced children under strict supervision of an accredited coach.  The assistants are encouraged to gain their level 1 as soon as possible.

Head Coach/Administrator
Angy Dixon - (WAG Advance Silver Coach/WAG Advance Judge/First Aid)


Angy Dixon- ( WG Adv Silver Coach/ Adv Judge/ First Aid)

Caitlyn Lee - (WG Int Coach/ KindyGym Coach)/ Adv Tumbling.

Skye Vaughan - WG Beginner Coach

Holly Threlfo - WG Intermediate Guest Coach

Danielle Aylett - Trainee Coach

Zara Phillips - Trainee Coach



In addition to the coaching staff, the club needs to rely on a band of interested parents to become judges.  This is of vital importance, as many competitions will impose a fine if a club cannot provide judges.  As with the levels of coaching, there are levels of judges.
If you are interested and would like to know more please ask at the office.  remember that in some situations if the club cannot supply a judge then the members of the club are not allowed to compete.  So your interest in this area would be greatly appreciated (you don't have to of been a gymnast)

Angy Dixon - (WG Advance Judge)

Holly Threlfo - (WG Intermediate Judge)


The Club complies with and supports the 'Child Protection Act'.  In Gymnastics the coaches need to have a more hands on approach in the interest of safety than in other sports.  Your children cannot be coached without being physically touched and supported by the coaches most of the time.  If this is a problem please feel free to talk to the Administrator, coaches or a member of the committee.  All coaches are required to complete a Working with Children Check which is a requirement through Gymnastics Australia.


Kinder Gym
Kinder Gym is a parent/child program for children of preschool age. Under the guidance of the coach the parent leads the child through a wide range of actives such as climbing, balancing, swinging and so on. The classes are specifically designed to develop the child's gross motor skills and co-ordination, there by encouraging their fine motor skills. Because of the age, parent participation is essential.

General Recreation classes are designed to cover the three F's, that is Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. 

Pre-Levels are classes for the gymnasts interested in moving toward the competitive side of gymnastics but need to consolidate some skills or develop a little more strength or flexibility. These classes are a preparatory for the competitive classes and work in developing the strengths and skills needed while keeping and air of fun for the participants. Your coach will let you know when you are ready for this group.

Teen Gym is for girls who do not wish to compete or have just discovered the joy of gymnastics and are a little older or having competed have decided to retire but not give up gymnastics.

Muscle Up is for boys to learn higher skills or have just discovered the sport of gymnastics and are a little older. This class is limited to boys no older than 15 years. Strict behaviour conditions apply.


Children who have acquired the required skills move into levels only when coaching staff know they are ready. To maintain their skills they must be consistent in their training. If they drop out for a time they will have to be reassessed as skills must be maintained in this program. These restrictions are implemented for your child's safety.

Women's Artistic (WAG) is probably the better known of the disciplines incorporating vault, uneven bars, beam and the floor. This club is very competitive in this discipline having had many gymnasts compete (successfully) at the State Tiles.   


At the beginning of each year a new enrolment for must be completed. 

The registration fee registers the child as a member of the Port Macquarie Gymnastics Club and as a member of the NSW Gymnastics Association/Australian Gymnastics Federation, as well as Sports Ins. through AGF.

Registration must be paid before the first class attended. The club is not prepared to accept the risk of an uninsured person in the class after that time. Non registered gymnasts are not allowed to compete.

Registration Fees: Please contact the gymnastics office
Class Fees: Please contact the gymnastics office

Ph: (02) 6584 3373



NOTE: Due to the high demand of gymnastics we have implemented a waiting List System, Please to avoid disappointment make sure you attend the booking and registration days as the registration fee does not guarantee a class placement every term of the year even that you will have preference, This fee is not Refundable.

If you run into, or anticipate, any difficulty in paying then please speak to Angy Dixon so something can be worked out. Persons who are over due in payment will be notified once by letter and then the child will be withdrawn from classes. Please save unpleasantness by talking to the office staff as early as possible.


Parents will be emailed a parent portal login to pay and access their account details. 


One of the secrets to a happy and successful gymnastics experience is communication, not only between the gymnasts and coaches but also between the parents and the coaching staff. The coaches are encouraged to let the parents know when the gymnasts are performing well and when they are not. In a situation where there is a problem of real concern the coach will approach the parents. Should you as parents have a cause for concern you need to approach the committee as soon as possible. While these situations are very rare, it is important to have a set procedure to follow. 


There are very few rules, but what we have us to be followed for the safety of everyone and the maintenance of happiness in the gym. All rules basically break down into three areas, manners, thinking and listening. Unfortunately, these rules need to be stated so that everyone is clear about with is expected.

  1. Good manners are expected form everyone at all times and bad manners will not be tolerated from anyone. A smile and a pleasant work will win a lot more friends.
  2. Please use the lockers provided for your bags and shoes etc. If you take of your shirt in the gym then put it in the lockers. 3. No food or drink is allowed into the gym.
  3. Before your lesson please wait upstairs in the viewing area, do not enter the gym without your coach.
  4. At the end of your lesson walk out with your coach and wait upstairs for your lift home.
  5. Wait for your coaches direction before touching any equipment.
  6. Running and pushing are inappropriate. Please follow the directions of the coach and watch where you are going, the bigger gymnasts are not able to stop in the middle of their skills to let a little one run through.
  7. if you need a drink or to visit the toilet please ask your coach so they know where everyone is at all times.
  8. Make sure you are wearing correct clothing to the class, incorrect clothing may mean missing out on some parts of the lesson.
  9. Parents please wait in the viewing area, you are welcome to watch any lesson but form upstairs. Extra bodies in the gym can be distracting and may cause accidents. DO NOT ENTER THE GYM, thank you.
  10. The office is out of bounds (parents and gymnasts), please stay out unless asked to enter.
  11. Gymnasts are not allowed to go outside the gate during class.
  12. Parents please do not yell out to your children during class. Inform the office if you required your child before end of class.


Recreation gymnasts may wear a t-shirt and shorts or leotard and bike pants, nothing is required on the feet. There are some leotards and bike pants available form the office.

Competitive girls (WAG) are required to wear a leotard or half top and bike pants (bike pants may be worn with the leotard if they wish), t-shirts may only be worn for warm ups and strength.

In competition the correct club leotard and the new club jacket with black track pants are what is required. Order for the club jacket not in stock must be into the office weeks before they are required, as they have to be ordered in minimum lots.


To get in touch with the club CALL 6584 3373